"Services you need from the people you can trust"

About Us

ServiceClicks aims to be an online marketplace designed for consumer-centric services, by leveraging and combining the best of Search, Social Media and eCommerce, to deliver a service that we hope will meet the needs of service-providers and service-users alike.

We’ve all been there – when our kitchen needs a renovation and we need a contractor, when we’re looking for a translator to translate manuals, when we’re looking for someone to make Angry Bird cupcakes for our children’s party; we would try and call a friend or relative, or post an enquiry on Facebook and hopefully one of our friends can recommend someone. Sometimes you get lucky and you find someone good, and sometimes you don’t get so lucky. The point is, we at ServiceClicks felt that we could try and provide a solution to address this need. Hopefully you’ll like our effort and please give us your feedback so we can keep improving our service for you.

Who we are

We’re a bunch of hardworking people with a diverse range of skills and experience, thrown together on this journey to form ServiceClicks. We’re half-local, half-international and based out of Kuala Lumpur.

Along the way, we were also blessed to have received grant funding from The Cradle Fund (, without which may not have had the chance to build ServiceClicks. So, much gratitude to them!

If you ever want to contact us, please reach us here!