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Frequently-Asked-Questions - check these out!

(Note: We will update and refresh this page from time-to-time, so please swing back regularly for updates and suggestions - or better yet, bookmark this page via your browser!)

What is Service Clicks?

ServiceClicks is an enhanced Social eCommerce site which specialises in consumer-centric services. It’s a platform where:

  • Service Buyers can find services for personal, family or for business use and conversely, where Service Sellers can list their services.
  • Social media is used not just to promote the service-listings but also to authenticate other users and discourage potential fraudsters so that you have more confidence in messaging, and eventually trading, with other Buyers or Sellers. Over time, we will also implement other verification systems, such as mobile-phone verification, etc.
  • To Service Sellers: We believe in offering a performance-based service, whereby we don’t think that you should pay us anything if we cannot deliver good quality prospect customers to you. We call these “Hot Leads”.
  • To Service Buyers: We think quality referrals, word-of-mouth recommendations for good quality Service Sellers always BEATS other listing sites where quantity of listings may be many, but where the quality of service is often questionable and where the reviews cannot be accounted for.

How does it work?

If you are a Service Seller:

  • Offer your services at your nominated price
  • Write a description of what you can do
  • Upload a picture of a unicorn, well no, upload a picture of something that represents your services
  • Wait for interested buyers to message you
  • If you see interesting offers (Hot leads!) and want to discuss further, click [Accept].
  • After processing your request, ServiceClicks will then exchange contact details between you and the Service Buyer, so you guys can continue your discussion.

If you are a Service Buyer:

  • Search for the services you are after using the search bar
  • Once you find something suitable, start your negotiations/messaging with the seller
  • Agree on a price
  • If Seller is agreeable, they will contact you directly for an appointment or to chat

Registration and Login

How do I register an account and login?

You can register an account via Facebook login or with your email - click on SIGN UP which is on the top right hand side of the page.

Activate Link isn't working. What should I do?

Please wait several minutes. If you still have not received your activation email, please check your SPAM folder. If the registration email is still missing, kindly contact us for further assistance :

I think I typed my email wrong when I registered. What should I do?

Don’t panic. Just reregister with your correct email

When I try to Register or Login, it says Your account is not found. What do I need to do?

Please send an email to

I forgot my password

Not to worry, it happens to all of us at some point in time. Just click on “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” link and follow the instructions

I received the reset password email but still can't log in. Why doesn't it work?

Please send an email to

I’ve changed my email address OR my mobile phone number, and I can’t access my ServiceClicks account. What can I do?

We’re currently working on the self-service function to allow you to make these changes. For now, kindly email to, give us your details (new email address, old email address OR new mobile number / old number), with a phone number where we can contact you and we will verify these details with you shortly.

List my service. What’s that?

For Service-sellers, you can create a “Service-Listing” where you have full freedom to describe your services, your credentials and experience, attach great pictures to show your product or services, etc.

  • Specify your minimum budget (how much do you charge for your service?) and whether there are any other optional-extras which may be chargeable (e.g. delivery charges outside KL, overtime, additional scope, etc)
  • Select your service location(s) - where do you provide your service?
  • For many services, attaching pictures helps to sell your services better! Attach up to 8 pictures, each picture not larger than 5MB in size.

What’s “Keywords”?

ServiceClicks has a special feature where you can choose keywords that can attract customers, and will also make your service easier to find via Search Engines, etc. Use our “Suggest me keywords” feature, or choose your own!

How many Service-listings can I create?

You can create up to a maximum of 10 Listings. In future, we may expand the number of Listings that each User can create.

How do I list my service?

  • Click on LIST MY SERVICE
  • Follow the instructions here and fill up the form. Try to be as accurate as possible with your service
  • Fill up the relevant keywords - Keywords helps ServiceClicks and Google to categorise your service accurately
  • Key in your pricing
  • If possible, upload a relevant picture of your service - you can attach up to 8 pics!
  • Click [PUBLISH]

I clicked PUBLISH and nothing happens (ouch!)

  • Please email
  • In the meantime, please save, copy or cut-and-paste your copywriting into another document so that you don’t waste your earlier efforts taken to write it, or have to re-write it again later.

Responding to an Enquiry about my service

How do I respond to a listing?

Just log into your Service Clicks account, click on MESSAGES on the top right hand side of the screen. You should be able to access all your emails

Why doesn't the seller/buyer respond to my messages?

Sometimes, not all messages will get a response. Do not feel dejected. Just keep responding in a timely manner to all your incoming enquiries

How many times can I message a Service-Seller or Service-Buyer via ServiceClicks?

We want to make sure that each message you send each other is efficient so we limit the number of messages that you can send each other to 4 EACH, consectively. This means that the Buyer will send a message to the Seller, the Seller replies, etc - i.e. this counts as 1 message each.

Messaging each other via ServiceClicks is free. There is no charge for this. We want to make sure that both the Service Buyer and the Service Seller reach a level of confidence in each other, that they are prepared to discuss seriously to buy/sell the Service.

Why do you hide the email addresses?

To ensure a safe transaction environment, we recommend that all enquiries and transactions be made through the Service Clicks portal. This will discourage fraud and also enable a safer marketplace for both buyers and sellers

How does ServiceClicks make money?

Currently, none. We think we have a useful service and we want to make sure that users are delighted with us before we can even justify charging anything.

In future, Service Clicks will charge Service Sellers a very small % of the service price for the “Hot Leads” as well as the contact details of interested Service Buyers.

Note: for this limited period, ServiceClicks is in a trial-beta phase and will not be charging for Hot Leads. So try it out now to get FREE sales leads.

What is a “Hot Lead”?

A “Hot Lead” is a potential customer who has shown good interest in your service/product.

Question from the Service Buyer: How do we pay for the actual service?

ServiceClicks does not process the payment for the actual service itself. We are merely connecting you to relevant Service Sellers and any payment that you make to them have to be mutually arranged and agreed upon between both parties.

Account Management

Suspended for Terms of Use Violations - Why?

The Service Clicks system may have detected that your account was used in an unauthorised transaction. Please contact for more information

How do I change my password?

Please click on your PROFILE link, you can access your password details here

How can I change my email address?

Please click on your PROFILE link, you can access your password details here

How can I change the name that shows on my listings?

Please click on your PROFILE link, you can access your password details here

How do I change my seller picture?

Please click on your PROFILE link, you can access your password details here

Can I Deactivate my registration and login account?

Yes, you can do so my going to your ACCOUNT Link, and select Settings. From here, you can self-deactivate your account.

We would hate to see you go though....if there’s anything that you think we can do to solve your concerns, please email us

Fraud, Scam and Safety

I received a "Safety Notice" saying I communicated with a scammer.

A safe and trusted marketplace is our number one priority. There are times when we may flag an account that is acting suspiciously. If you received a “Safety Notice” from Service Clicks admin about a certain user, please stop all communications with them until Service Clicks is able to verify them

I received a suspicious offer for my services. What should I do?

ServiceClicks doesn’t process payment for actual services through our platform, so we encourage you to practice safe practices when dealing with a potential buyer or seller, just as you would do the same in the “physical” or real world.

When in doubt about a user or an account, you can always request for more information from them, or if necessary, decline to communicate further with this person. You are advised to email and inform them of your suspicions.

I saw a listing that is Spam or a Scam. What should I do?

Please email immediately to inform them of this issue. Please do not engage with the user directly

I found a listing that seems inappropriate or illegal. What should I do?

Please email immediately to inform them of this issue. Please do not engage with the user directly

A listing is violating my copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.

Please email immediately to inform them of this issue. Please do not engage with the user directly

Buyer: How should I pay a seller?

The seller will negotiate payment terms with you. Please do not make 100% advanced-payments if you are unsure of the seller.

Seller: How should I accept money from the buyer?

The seller and buyer will come to an agreement on payment terms.

My account has been suspended. What can I do to challenge that??

Please email with your email details and your contact number.

I would like to make a suggestion regarding Trust & Safety

Please email with your suggestions. We welcome all good feedback

My listing, image, or phone number has been stolen. What should I do?

Please email immediately to inform them of this issue.

I think my ServiceClicks account has been hijacked. What should I do?

Please email immediately to inform them of this issue.

I have received harrassing messages or comments. What should I do?

Please email immediately to inform them of this issue. Please do not engage with the user directly