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How To List and Sell Your Service

If you want to know more about How To Buy A Service instead, click here.


Register or Login, then click on "List your service"

First make sure you're already logged-in, then click on the "List Your Service" link, on the top-right corner of the homepage. If you've not yet registered as a ServiceClicks user, the system will prompt you to register first, or you may register here now.


Fill up the relevant information, then click [Publish]!

On the "List Your Service" page, fill up the relevant sections of information on the page such as Service-category, Title, Description, Location (where you can offer your service), Pricing and other information. We also ask that you specify some keywords which you think are most relevant to your service, so that it's easier for potential customers to find you when they search for relevant words (e.g. plumber, secretarial services, etc). Do NOT include your personal contact information in this section, as we will send this information out later. Then, click [Publish] and wait for customers to contact you!


Reply to potential customers' questions and offers.

When you receive email notifications informing you of potential customer's enquiries, check and reply these "Hot Messages" via our Messaging platform. You may wish to accept their offer to discuss further / meet in person etc, or you can reply them back through a negotiation or giving an alternative offer. For example, you may be interested to offer your service, but you need to charge them RM20 more, or you can only cover certain areas, etc. Be honest and upfront, but polite, in declining or offering a "counter-offer".


Accept the customer's proposed offer and establish contact.

If you are happy with the customer's proposal and want to proceed to discuss further, or meet in person etc, proceed to click on [Accept] and you will then be taken to the Payment Confirmation Page, where you will be asked to pay a Sales-Lead fee to ServiceClicks. This fee is charged as a small % of the budget proposed and agreed upon by the prospect customer. The processing of this fee is done via iPay88, an external payment solutions company.


Receive the Customer's contact details – and get connected!

After you have made your payment for the Sales-lead fee, ServiceClicks will then send you a notification email with the contact details of the buyer, for your immediate action. The buyer will also receive your contact details too!

Good luck as you proceed to grow your business! :-)

Note: Both yourself (the Seller) and the Buyer are allowed to send up to 4 "Hot Messages" EACH, between each other – so that's a total of 8 Hot Messages, in one session. Hot Messages are always initiated by the Buyer, and you – the Seller, are required to respond whether you want to sell based on their last offer, or if you need to negotiate details, or if you prefer to decline.