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How To Find A Service


Search for a service

using our search bar, and specify location if it’s relevant.

Alternatively, browse our Listing-categories.


Browse the Search-results

and see if you find a Listing that interests you. If you’re unable to find a suitable listing, you may want to try and search again using another keyword, for example, if you typed “cabinet maker” and you don’t find any results, try typing “renovation” and see if you find more relevant results.


Get in touch with service provider

If you like what you see on a Listing and want to get in touch with the Service Provider, click on “Hire Now / Get In Touch”. You will then be able to send a Hot Message [URL] to the Service Provider, giving him / her details of your requirements, location, offer-price and even attach a picture of what your requirement may look like (e.g. a birthday cake design, a mock sample).


Wait for the reply

Wait for the Seller’s reply via Hot Message, or if he’s keen to take your order immediately, the Seller will confirm and pay ServiceClicks and get in touch with you directly via email or phone!


If neccesary, review your

If the Seller replies back to you using Hot Message, that probably means he needs more info about your requirements, or cannot meet your pricing, etc. Either way, please review his comments and give him your reply back as-soon-as-possible, via Hot Message!


You can exchange up to 4
messages per one session

In total, for each Hot Message session, you’re allowed to send up to 4 Hot Messages to the Seller, and the Seller can also send up to 4 Hot Messages back to you. We think this helps you – the Buyer, and the Seller to be more focused and to send useful and relevant information during this stage of “browsing for a service”, and for the Seller to also qualify your service-needs in the most productive way. Ultimately, we want to make sure that everyone’s time is well spent, by exchanging information that’s relevant to the service-need. :-)!