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User Policy

Thanks for taking the time to review our User Policy.

Being a startup company, we are currently evaluating the kind of User Policy that we think most users would appreciate. We’re just getting started, so please bear with us! :-)

We will publish an official User Policy in due time, but for the moment, we are going by some basic principles that we think would safeguard the majority of users whilst at the same time also ensuring that ServiceClicks is a fun (that’s important!), relevant and useful site that’s also safe and tolerant.

Some YES’es that we live by:

  • Our site will operate in English. For the moment ServiceClicks is NOT optimised for Bahasa Malaysia (or Chinese, Tamil, etc) but we hope to explore these options in the future.
  • You have full rights to browse ServiceClicks, with the exception of the areas which require you to register and verify beforehand.
    • Registering (aka signing-up) and verifying allows us to give you access to more information and to communicate with other users by minimising fraudster users. Other users would also feel more comfortable dealing with you.
  • If you’re Listing a Service, we happily encourage you to attach pictures of your related service or product - it will help to make your listing more attractive and informative! However, we ask that you ensure the pictures’ / images’ copyright belong to you, or that you have the relevant copyright ownership authorisation.


  • Listings or postings that have contents (that are either verifiable, factual, alluding to or implying in some way) where we reserve the right to moderate, decline or remove:
    • Narcotics, firearms, political, racial, sexual / porn, gender.
    • Contravening any applicable laws or ownership, related to trademark and / or copyright.
  • Comments or postings (either public or private comments between 2 parties) that are abusive, use of foul language, racial slurs, political leanings, pranks, extortive in nature or otherwise deemed as damaging to any party, including to 3rd-party users that may be browsing the website.

Being a startup company, we will be making changes to our User Policy from time-to-time. We encourage you to come back frequently to review any changes. In the meantime, we will be updating our registered users via email and other communications such as our Facebook Page, Twitter, etc.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we would be grateful if you could email us at Many thanks!