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Helpful User Tips!

Here, we want to offer you some simple tips and suggestions for a great user experience on ServiceClicks! Whether you’re a newbie, a potential buyer or a service-provider, we hope you find these useful.

(Note: We will update and refresh this page from time-to-time, so please swing back regularly for updates and suggestions - or better yet, bookmark this page via your browser!)

Signup & Login

Signup tips.

Signup using Facebook if you can. It’s faster, and you have access to more features which we wil launch in due time.

If you signed up using email and you didn’t get any verification email, please check your email’s spam box as the verification email may have landed there. If it did, just click on “Not spam”, and then verify your email-address through the link in that email.

Verify yourself - Register your mobile phone.

When your mobile phone is verified, other users are more assured that you’re a “real” user with sincere intentions to either offer your services, or looking for one. Many of us have come across cases where “apparently” sincere buyers have made requests to buy a product or service, only to find out later that the user may not be legitimate (e.g. they are based overseas but pretending to be locally-based) or decides to be irresponsible in some way. The same thing can be said for the Seller as well.

Registering your mobile number with ServiceClicks allows other users to see that you have ADDITIONAL verification and therefore, have more confidence and assurance to do business with you.

Verifying your mobile phone number is required to create a service-listing and in due time, we will also explore a verification for buyers as well.

Note: ServiceClicks treats your information seriously and will not disclose your mobile-number information outside of Sales-lead transactions or other verified discussions, unless there are legal, criminal or otherwise potentially harmful or serious repercussions to any party that may occur as a result of withholding this information.

Use your proper name. And a great photo would be awesome too.

Whilst using a nickname is sometimes fun, it can lead to confusion about who your real identity is. For best responses and to ensure that you’re investing in building the best long-term reputation for yourself, use your proper (full) name. Also, putting a proper clear picture of yourself (it can still be a fun picture!) probably helps people to take you more seriously than if you were to put a picture of a Smurf, etc...

Browsing for services

Start your search with more generic or open-ended keywords

Start by doing a search for a more generic keyword, rather than a very specific one. For example, if you were looking for a Moghul-food catering service, perhaps you can start by searching for “catering” or “food”, to see the total search results and from there, you can browse or further refine your search keyword.

Likewise, if you were looking for a ashtanga yoga instructor, do a basic search for “yoga” first and then drill-down further if you see results that may match your needs. Happy browsing!

If you can’t find a service, submit a request.

If you’re unable to find a suitable service provider on ServiceClicks, don’t give up yet! Send us a note and tell us what kind of service you need, and we will try to find a good service provider for you. Click here for more details and send us a request!

Making an enquiry for a service (if you saw a service you’re interested in)

Be clear and precise about what you’re looking for.

Give them the main facts to determine whether your requirement is a good match for their service and whether they would be able to satisfy your needs.

Factors - brief background of what you need and why you need it (if relevant), quantity required, the date(s) when you need the service, the location where the service is needed (or from x to y location), your proposed budget that you can afford and you can also attach a picture if that helps you to explain what you need. Also, if you’re able to pay for some additional requirements, such as for a faster service, or if your location is outside of their normal service area, etc.

You may also want to ask or specify any requirements, such as for food (halal, vegetarian?), certifications of competence, specific dates that you require the service, etc.

Creating a Service-listing

Stand out from the crowd - differentiate your service.

Give a catchy attractive title to your Service-listing. :-)

Write an honest and positive description of your service. If possible, explain (briefly) about your background so that people know your history and can identify better with you. How many years have you been offering this service, how many customers have you gained over the years, any big name clients or customers that you can mention?

Location - where are you able to provide your service? If you offer a “virtual” service where location is not important (e.g. if you can translate documents using soft copy via email), then you may want to choose the Virtual option.

Urgency - some services may require advanced preparation or confirmation from your side, if so, do select this option and specify this requirement in your description, when you inform the potential Buyer.

Images - beautiful, good images help to enhance your service or product so much more than having dull, poorly-taken pictures, so do take time to provide some great images! Please feel free to show more images (up to 8 images), but focus more on providing relevant, great pictures that show off what services you offer, rather than just quantity of pictures alone.

Checking for messages, and responding

Tips for Buyers (when sending messages to Sellers)

Review the Seller’s Service-Listing thoroughly, as well as review also other information such as past-customer references, pictures, etc. Send the Seller a message only when you know what you need, or if you have specific questions. Time is precious for everyone! :-)

In your question to the Seller, explain your requirement and give them details about any specifics that you require from their service. Specify your budget, your location details and your required dates clearly. You can also attach a reference picture to help describe what you need.

(when you get a reply from the Seller)

  • If you get a follow-up reply from the Seller, review their comments and see if you can provide other follow-up information for the Seller. In many cases, it might be the case that they cannot accept your budget (you need to offer a better price?), or that your earlier proposed dates are not suitable for them, or perhaps they require more clarification on what you need?
  • It may also be the case that the Seller cannot provide you the service for some specific reasons (for example, if they are overseas and unable to meet your required hard-deadlines). If that is the case, then you may want to see if you can adjust your requirement. Otherwise, it may be the case that this Seller is unable to meet your needs at this time (that, is a fact of life we sometimes have to accept...).

Tips for Sellers (when receiving messages from potential Buyers)

Review their requirement and see if this is something you can offer. Also, check whether their budget (price offer), dates and other requirements are suitable for you. If you feel comfortable that you can offer the service that they need and you would like to offer the service, click on “Accept”, so that you can proceed to get their contact details, and likewise, for you to send them your contact details (via ServiceClicks).

If you’re not sure about some details, or if their price-offer is not good enough, you can choose to reply back by clicking the [Decline / Negotiate] option. You can then tell the Buyer if you need further info (another location or date(s), you need to charge more, other options?) or if you are unable to offer the service, then please inform the potential Buyer.

Be clear and polite but firm in your responses or advice to the Buyer. In many cases, Buyers may not know as much as you do about your service, so you may have to provide some clarification.

(when you get a reply from the potential Buyer)

  • Review their reply or their counter-offer and see if this meets your requirements. If it does, then proceed to click [Accept]. If the Buyer’s requirements are still unclear, or if the specifics are not suitable, then reply back by clicking the [Decline / Negotiate] option and provide your replying comments, and asking for them to review their proposal.

Giving feedback to Buyers and Sellers

Giving feedback

Feedback is important for both buyers and sellers, as it’s very valuable to determine whether a Seller (service provider) provided a good service, and whether a Buyer was a good customer and someone whom other Sellers should also offer their services to.

All users benefit from giving, and receiving, honest and fair feedback.

Giving feedback to the Seller (for their service)

Take a moment to think about the service that you received from the Seller (service-provider). Give honest but fair feedback of the service that you received.

Consider the technical or hard aspects such as the skill of the service received, the advice given, the product you received, etc.

Consider the soft aspects as well, such as punctuality, customer-service and politeness, willingness to help beyond the scope of service, having “initiative”, etc.

Giving feedback to the Buyer (for his purchase of your service)

Take a moment to think about the Buyer’s as you provided them with your service. Give honest but fair feedback of the Buyer.

Some aspects to consider in your feedback would be - punctuality, timely-payment (made payment on time), honesty and sincerity, easy to work with.